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We have experience that stretches all the way back to the first laser printers in college and buying version 1.0 of Photoshop before the interwebs were even invented.
Camping, Traveling, Cooking, Festivals, Dancing, Archery, Swimming, Rowing, Snowboarding, Mountain Climbing, Scuba Diving, Gaming, Dungeons and Dragons, Music, Piano, Sculpting, Paint Pouring, Peloton, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Karate, Fencing are a few of our passions and hobbies.


Always Creating

We are always creating and trying and interesting things, and Discovery Alley was created to help us focus our efforts to support each others passions.
We love design, art and creating things that are unique and fun.



So wander through our Alley, and we hope you find something that rings a bell with one of your passions, or the passions of your friends and family.

Meet Our Creative Team

Nicole Lenz

Creative Head

Terry Adams

Operations and Digital

Morgan Adams

Creative Production

Best Quality Printed T-Shirts & Mugs At Affordable Price!

More than cups and sweatshirts, we create unique designs for all kinds of customizable printed items. We can help with your wedding gifts, bridesmaid party, bachelor party and holiday celebrations.

  • Personal Gifts
  • Occasional Gifts
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Couple Tshirt
  • Wedding Package
  • Corporate Gifts
01. We Can Custom Design Your Ideas

We can help you create a custom product or design if what you see doesn’t work for what you are trying to achieve. Drop us a note in the Contact Us form.

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We use the most modern payment options and gateways to manage your payments. We do not story any of your payment information in our environment, it is all managed through world class payment gateways.

03. We Offer Discounts And Coupons

Are you working on a group project? Do you have special considerations? Drop us a note on the Contact Discovery Alley Form.