Unleash Team Spirit Like Never Before with Big Shot Custom Shirts!


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Hey Coaches and Team Managers,

Are you ready to elevate your team’s style and spirit? Welcome to Big Shot – where your team’s identity transforms from concept to reality!


  • Dynamic, Bold, Unforgettable: Our all-over print shirts burst with vibrant colors and stunning designs. Whether it’s a fierce animal or your unique team mascot, we bring your vision to life with incredible detail.
  • Customization at Its Core: Your team is unique, and their shirts should be too. Customize with any art – let your imagination run wild!
  • Stay Cool, Stay Dry: Made with 100% polyester, these shirts are your team’s best ally against sweat and heat. Perfect for intense matches or all-day events.

Weight and Dimensions

Overall36.5” H X 40” W X 20” D
Drawer Interior2” H X 29.25” W X 12.5” D
Countertop40” W X 20” D
Countertop Thickness0.7” H
Overall Product Weight39.6 lb.