Most Important Sports Shirt Features

Most Important Sports Shirt Features


One of the biggest reasons polyester is used in athletic uniforms is because of the breathability of the material. With the use of denser material, the clothing tends to sit closer to the body which prevents proper air flow. Polyester offers better air flow which is important for athletes because it helps them stay cool and comfortable so they can focus on their playing performance instead of their clothing.

Moisture Wicking

Polyester is also available in moisture wicking options which makes it exceptionally well suited to sports uniforms. Moisture-wicking means the material pulls sweat away from the body to keep players dry. This is especially important in sports because players certainly work up a sweat while playing. Polyester, in general, is also one of the fastest drying materials which is just another way it helps players stay dry and comfortable for a great game.

Reduces Odors

Thanks to the breathability, moisture wicking, and fast drying properties, polyester is actually one of the few materials capable of reducing odors. If you have ever had to ride with a sweaty player post game or even just stand near one, you know how crucial reducing odors is in the world of sports.


When players are in the game, they need a material that won’t weigh them down. Their uniform shouldn’t feel like it is too heavy. They shouldn’t even think about their uniform when playing because it should be that comfortable. Polyester is naturally lightweight so it is always comfortable for players to wear even during the longest games.

Allows Easy Movement

Another reason polyester is common in sports uniforms is because it offers easy movement for the wearer. While other materials can restrict movement because the fibers are too tightly woven, polyester fibers move with ease and offer the right level of stretch to make it easy to move as needed.

Easy Care

There is no denying that an athlete’s uniform takes a beating over time. Depending on the sport, there are grass stains and mud, to say nothing of the sweat factor, and all of it adds up to an outfit in need of regular cleaning. Polyester is machine washable so there is no need to dry clean it which saves on hassle and money over time. For an item you will wash regularly the ease of care of polyester is definitely a factor.

Since polyester is made of bonded polymer fibers, the material is incredibly durable and long lasting. It is durable enough to last through the toughest seasons without falling apart which is more than can be said for lesser materials. In fact, polyester can last several seasons which saves on uniform costs.

Long Lasting

Resistant to Change

While polyester is long lasting, it is also resistant to change which plays into its longevity factor. For example, polyester is resistant to rips or tears which helps keep the uniforms in great condition. The material is also resistant to abrasions so the uniform always has the same sharp appearance as the very first game. Polyester is also resistant to shrinking or overstretching so it keeps it fit even with all the washing, drying, and game after game of play. When looking for a long lasting option which will keep its look over time, polyester is the one to beat.

Blends Well

Polyester is a material which can be effectively blended with other materials to create blends which still manages to retain the properties of polyester without them being lost to the second material of the blend. For example, polyester can be combined with cotton to create a slightly softer blend, or polyester can be combined with special dry tech material to bring out the best of both for athletic wear.

Easy to Dye

Every sports team has its colors! Polyester is a top choice for any material where dyes are used because the polymers take well to dyes for a vibrant appearance. The other good thing about this material is that it is fade resistant because of the way it holds the dyes. When you want to show off the team colors in a colorful display that is never faded or sloppy, polyester is the winner.

Wrinkle Resistant

You want the team to look sharp. Since polyester is wrinkle resistant, the team will look great and best of all, no need to iron the uniform before the game! In fact, in the 1970s when the material was at its fashion heyday, it was hailed as the material that could be worn 68 days straight without ironing because it was so wrinkle resistant.